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Help requested posted on 16th May 2013:

Alcohol harm course for secondary age

We are looking for resources or lessons that can be used in secondary schools on the subjects of alcohol harm and road safety. If you have anything that you would be interested in sharing with us, we would love to hear from you, preferably by email.

Alison Garfoot
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

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Response posted on 16th May 2013 by:
Stuart Howarth
Rochdale Casualty Reduction Team
T: 01706924605


We offer a very successful Drink Drive session to our college students and use replica samples of drinks. The students are asked to go through their evenings drinking and buy carful selection the drinks are produced from a case and a build-up of their night out in relation to alcohol is created. We don't use it to explain harm but you could do using the same samples?
This allows the RSO to then go through all the units and time in the body etc. We purchased our drinks from a company called Replica food and are very good samples which create the question “Are they real” every time. If you want to know more about the content just ask

Response posted on 23rd May 2013 by:
Alane Nilsen
T: +61212277184

Alcohol Harm In secondary age

Hi there. I use the Booze Goggles (The fatal Vision Goggles) which replicate stages of drunkeness and being under the influence of drugs. These are often done in conjunction with viewing crashed cars at the serious crash unit. Students wear these goggles of varying strenghts while conducting fine motor skill activities such as walking the line, zigzag through cones, pouring a drink, trying to insert the key in the car door (wrecked door used or your car will get scracthed)and picking up coins etc. off the ground. We discuss the visual effects that they are aware of only because their brain is sober and consequences of being under the influence. If you are interested for more info and photos or even a lesson plan, you could e-mail me.

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