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Help requested posted on 25th April 2013:

Road rail interface

I have received a request from Network Rail to provide a lower speed limit of 40mph at a rail crossing. The location is the B1206 between Hibaldstow and Brigg in North Lincolnshire, grid ref SE9812404678. The national speed limit applies, as the road is relatively straight, rural and of good width a lower limit is unlikely to influence choice of speed without fixed camera enforcement. Has anyone had a similar request for a lower speed limit at a rail crossing on a similar site? If so, was it successful?

steve harrison
North Lincolnshire Council

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Response posted on 26th April 2013 by:
Paul Copeland
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
T: 01482395561

Road/Rail Interface

Steve, we reduced the speed limit on Bridlington Bay Road Carnaby from NSL to 40mph in 2005. The level crossing had a record of failures to stop and has an enforcement camera for that reason. It's a shorter approach and rather more built up site than your Scawby Road crossing. It doesn't seem to have reduced the offending rate. Do get in contact and I can go through the detail with you.

Response posted on 26th April 2013 by:
Andrew Fraser
Falkirk Council
T: 01324 504931

Level crossings

I have spent 13 years trying to convince the rail industry that they really ought to understand road users' problems at a level crossings, before they jump to conclusions about what the solutions might be. Seems you and Paul have joined the club.
I am not surprised by the failure at Bridlington Bay - red light cameras at Cornton level crossing (E279111 N696245)have failed as well.
Recently, I have tried to raise the profile, by writing to the (Scottish) Justice Secretary about the situation where road users appear to be being punished for something over which they have little control (probably one of the forms of "blindness" well known to those with an interest in traffic accidents).
But that has yielded no satisfactory response, to date.
More constructively, I have been in touch with TRL regarding some work they are doing on "in-road" traffic signs, and I shall be speaking to one of its managers later today.
I don't know precisely what your problem is, but mine is a tortuous approach (vertically and horiziontally) which makes it difficult to keep the signals in view all the time. (In fact, it's impossible.) Every now and then a driver misses the amber altogether, and ends up on the track while the reds are flashing. Automatic enforcement cameras then trap him or her. The point about "in-road" signs, of course, is that a suitable configuration would probably be far less likely to be missed by a road user than the current signals.
I intend to contact TRL tonight, and I hope that you and Paul will not mind if I say that there appears to be an increasing demand from the "roads" side for a sensible solution. (As there is, from the "rail" side.)
Horrible things can happen at level crossings, as you know, the fatality rate is far below that experienced on the roads. It therefore amazes me that some local authorities appear to be committing £millions to level crossing sites. In my area, that would leave us with nothing for our several fatal blacksites.
Incidentally, I have an (independent) report on my level crossing - compiled by a well-known expert in the field. I'd advise you to consider obtaining something similar, and I'd be happy to forward a copy if you wish.
Best of luck.


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