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Help requested posted on 18th February 2013:

Theatre in education

I'm looking to use a theatre in education company for our year 10/11s on the subjects of vehicle passenger safety and seatbelts.'Performance in Education' (or PiE) are looking like the front runners for us at the moment. Does anyone have experience of this company?

I'd be keen to have a chat with someone before booking them as I can't get to any of their perfomances as they're all quite far north. Alternatively, does anyone know of a TIE company closer to the south coast?

Nicola Waight
Portsmouth City Council

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Response posted on 18th February 2013 by:
Su Ormes
Medway Council
T: 01634 331710


Hi Nicola.

Tiny Giants are adaptable - we have their Courtroom senario booked for Global Road Safety week to address parking outside schools. This is in prep for Walk to School Week.
They are Liverpool based but not adverse to travelling at all.

Response posted on 18th February 2013 by:
marie brown
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 798120


Hi Nicola

PiE also came out on top for us during a recent procurement excercise and we were pleased with them. From start(booking performances) to finish (evaluation report) all very proffesional.The performance itself has some interesting add ons that really got the audience engaged. Feel free to give me a call!

Response posted on 18th February 2013 by:
Anthony Nix
Nottinghamshire County Council
T: 0115 9774497


Hi Nicola

We have used PIE for the last year and this year and have been pleased with the work they do, always give us comprehensive guides, notes and evaluations. The last evaluation we recieved for Breaking Point was exceptional. Now there performance is not to everyones taste and some might question how they do it (me included) but when it comes to audiance response and feedback and the evaluation shows that it has been affective and enjoyed by the students (which is what we want it for, not because as RSO's we like it).
Although i have seen many that i think are also very good, really depends on what you want. We have Breaking point and Belt up.

Response posted on 18th February 2013 by:
Helen Griffiths
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
T: 01639 686828


Our Authority has recently had a 7 week run of a Key Stage 2 production written and performed by PIE. They were very professional and we have had excellent feedback from all our schools. Simon who runs the company made a personal visit a couple of times prior to the show starting and was always available on phone and e mail. I would most certainly recommend this company.

Response posted on 18th February 2013 by:
Lindsey Brough
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
T: 01212482149

TIE evaluations


If TIE companies include evaluation reports in their price then that's excellent but just a reminder to also be looking for measurements of 'e'ffectiveness, i.e. did attitudes, behaviour, skills, intentions, knowledge etc. change as a result of the performance. With clear objectives the company should be able to shape the evaluation to include this.
Lindsey - happy to help.

Response posted on 18th February 2013 by:
Lesley Allen
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
T: 07734275748


Hi Nicola,
PIE delivered a series of performances in year 11 groups across Greater Manchester for BRAKE week last November. The Braking Point Performance was spot on, and several of our Road Safety Officers commented that it was the best road safety play they had seen. The follow on workshop was also run very professionally. Evaluations were very positive from both students and teachers. Cheers, Lesley

Response posted on 20th February 2013 by:
Ruth Gore
Safer Roads Humber
T: 01482 391458


I've used them too and they are very professional.
In terms of evaultion I got them to do on the day evaluation which was very positive, then repeated the survey three months later along with focus groups with the students.

The message is still retained by the students three months on. Stil only short term evaluation but more evaluation than is normally done.

Response posted on 20th February 2013 by:
Andrew McGrorey
Bedford Borough Council
T: 01234 228142

Performance in Education

A brilliant company to work with
They produced a DVD on young driver and passanger safety for the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership which we were delighted with. Give me a call if you would like a copy

Response posted on 7th March 2013 by:
Corinne Li
Any other organisation
T: 01782 402371

Road safety puppet shows

Hi Nicola, I work for Michelin and have been leading road safety projects for the last three years with the help of an excellend theatre in education company - The Puppet Broadcasting Company.
We have visited over 20 schools mainly in Staffordshire and the show has been seen by over 4,300 young people since 2011. I would highly recommend the PBC for their innovative/interactive/engaging approach to road safety with life-size puppets which teenagers can relate to.

We have had amazing feedback from teachers, local authorities and the European Commission.
If you would like more details please do not hesitate to contact me or have a look at the trailer video :

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