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Help requested posted on 29th January 2013:

The Speed Limit Appraisal Tool

Can anyone advise if they have successfully used The Speed Limit Appraisal Toolkit produced by Dft January 2013? The accompanying User Guidance is long and complicated and although the initial study can be easily set up, thereafter the data input process becomes very cumbersome and unclear. Have you, or are you, in the process of developing a simpler user friendly guide? Any comments/advice would be very welcome.

Laura Snee
Aberdeen City Council

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Response posted on 1st May 2013 by:
Pat Francis
Buckinghamshire County Council
T: 01296 382437

speed limit appraisal tool

We've also struggled with this and have not yet managed to obtain the 'end result' . I'm intending to try again, then approach DfT for help!

We asked other neighbouring local authorities and several also have experienced difficulty or haven't yet tried to use the 'tool'.

Response posted on 3rd July 2013 by:
Denise Vizor
Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership
T: 01452 425962

speed limit appraisal tool

I have just managed to get this to run successfully, but only by using the templates rather than direct entry of data

Response posted on 9th October 2013 by:
Duncan Lord
T: 02476 690900

Speed Limit Appraisal Tool

Charlotte Bradbury at the DfT is dealing with this. DfT recognised that it is too difficult to use and also discovered that it will only work on non-networked computers way back in July. Charlotte responded to me on 8th August stating that the DfT were currently commissioning work to rectify the problems. I responded on 14 August asking for timescales but got no reply!! I phoned Charlotte today for an update and was told that the work to rectify the problems had not even gone out to tender yet!!!

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