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Help requested posted on 7th December 2012:

Donor Bags

I have been looking through a road safety leaflet for older drivers, and it mentions there are a number of adaptations older drivers can use to increase their safety, and it mentions “donor bags in the torso portion of the seat back”. What is a “donor bag”?

Tom Rehaag
Cornwall Council

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Response posted on 7th December 2012 by:
Brian Baker
West Sussex County Council
T: 101 ext 82347

Donor bag

Never heard of them before but found this -

"Donor bags in the torso portion of the seat back that use the rearward motion of the torso to compress and transmit gas into a recipient bag in the head restraint"

Sounds like a pair of connected bags that move air (or other gas) around to provide additional support in the headrest. Information gathered from here -

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