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Help requested posted on 18th October 2012:

Older Road Users Awareness Day

We are holding another older road users awareness day in November, where we invite all road users to attend. Has anyone any new ideas for a topic at this event?

Gillian Roberts
St Helens Council

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Response posted on 18th October 2012 by:
Honor Byford
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 532616

Older Drivers Days

Hullo Gill, How are you?
We have tapped into an almost entirely hidden market of carers and potential carers. This is an age/cultural thing but with many couples already over 65years and older, since retirement, the huisband does all the driving - even though his wife has a licence. This means she loses her skills and confidence until the point where he is taken ill/needs to get to outpatients appointments and his wife needs to start driving again. Focussing on the ladies and emphasising this issue plus the maintenance of skills (and independence e.g. for ladies weho lunch outings!)Plus focussing on the men and pointing out that their chivalry and protectioveness for their ladies is actually not so good a thing, has gone down very well here.
Inviting representatives from the likes of Parkinsons Support and Dementia care organisations also helps to spread this message.

Response posted on 19th October 2012 by:
Steve Greenhalgh
Somerset County Council
T: 01823 423430

Older Drivers

I don't know who attends your event in Somerset we have the fire, police and ambulance as well as Age UK, red cross, a local mobility company, NHS health staff and a driving instructor to carry out the drives at a later date

Response posted on 19th October 2012 by:
Robert Smith
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224680

Older driver awareness day

Hi Gillian

We've been running theory and practical courses for mature drivers for about 20 years now and fully concur with Honor's comments above.
We have introduced a reaction test activity at the beginning of our theory sessions as a bit of an ice breaker. You can download the card and instructions from our "no excuse" page here:

It prompts discussion about the cognitive and physical effects of the ageing process, effects of medication, fatigue etc.

The effects on driving re early and late onset dementia are only now beginning to be realised. A bit of a ticking timebomb. I tried the reactor card test with a relative dianosed with Alzheimer's and she drives. Frightening results!

Response posted on 26th October 2012 by:
Anjila Clark
West Sussex County Council
T: 01903 839360

Older driver Awareness day

Hi Gillian

For a while we have focused on Then and Now. Encouraging participants to share their driving test experience and the leading professional brings them up to date with the now. Very informal, non-judgemental session using old publications of the Highway Code and asking which one did you learn to drive with. These session are positively rounded up with introduction of our EDA (Experienced Driver Assessment) and a copy of either our SSRP (Sussex Safer Roads Partnership) leaflets The Way Ahead - A guide for Older Drivers or The Way Ahead - A guide for Family and Friends.

If you need to see a copy of the publications please just let me know.

Anjie Clark

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