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Help requested posted on 2nd October 2012:

Rural Child Pedestrian Training

We are currently looking at putting together a Rural Pedestrian Training Scheme to sit along side our Urban Footsteps. Before we possibly attempt to 'reinvent the wheel' is anyone delivering anything that either has a child centred rural pedestrian element to it or are you delivering a stand alone rural scheme? Also signposts to rural specific resources would also help in saving money!

Anjila Clark
West Sussex County Council

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Response posted on 3rd October 2012 by:
Honor Byford
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 532616

Child Ped Training

Hi Anji,
I have passed your qeury on to two members of my team - we have an established programme that we have used in both urban and very rural schools. I've asked either Ann Smallwood - who is a qualified teacher and our RS Curriculum Adviser - plus Lisa Ward who ran the scheme for 2 years.
Sadly we no longer provide the training due to staff and budget cuts but we have produced a complete package that every primary school has been given and they run the scheme themselves.

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