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Help requested posted on 19th September 2012:

Hospital Helipad

One of our trunk roads runs around the south side of Nottingham and also past the University Hospital which is proposing to install a Helipad adjacent to a busy urban section of trunk road. Has anyone had any experience of driver distraction in a similar instance? I am concerned with its potential impact on the frequency of RTCs in the vicinity of the helipad.

Naomi Cook
Highways Agency Safety Team

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Response posted on 19th September 2012 by:
Kate Carpenter
T: 07920 143940


Hi Naomi
We've looked at some surreal 'distraction risks' eg a huge 'tube' full of Smart cars on a roundabout. We've also looked at the possibility of planes leaving an airport distracting drivers - a small possibility remained, but no proof. I think the risk is often overstated and drivers use it as an excuse (like sneezing and black dogs at night which are both less common than driver accounts suggest). Helipads are a real potential gust-problem though for cyclists and motorcyclists especially. Maybe fencing between the two could help with both issues?

Response posted on 19th September 2012 by:
Honor Byford
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 532616

Similar Locations

Would the risk be any different to a road running past an airport or RAF airfield? We have a number of the latter here, including RAF Dishforth and RAF Leeming beside the A1(M)without any reported increase in collisions and there are other stations further south on the A1. The helipad at James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough is right beside the main route into the city centre - also without increased incident although I acknowledge it is a 40 mph route but it has a complicated junction and 3 or 4 lane running at that point.

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