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Help requested posted on 5th September 2012:

Cycle intervention with younger children.

We are having a number of cycling incidents with younger children cycling on the highway, loss of control, defective bikes etc having collisions with cars. Does anyone currently have a scheme that works with younger children other than the traditional cycle training/ bikeability. We are looking at working with Year 4s or even younger and may include scooters. Any suggestions will be welcome.

Kim Hart
Bradford City Council

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Response posted on 5th September 2012 by:
Steve Barber
Northamptonshire County Council
T: 01604 364304

Cycle Training

Hi Kim,

when I worked in Leics CC teaching on road cycling, and later in Northants, we could not get insurance for any child on road under the age of 10. I think this still applies. Both of the above were pre Bikeability.

Derbyshire CC run a scooter training course which is playground based, but aimed at use of scooter on footpath both for travel to and from school and also for leisure. Don't think there is an age limit on that.Rob Bounds is your man.

Bikeability has an entry level course which is playground based and aimed at younger children, but I have moved to the Engineering side of Road Safety now and I am not too up on the Bikeability regime.


Steve Barber

Response posted on 12th September 2012 by:
Nicola Waight
Portsmouth City Council
T: 023 9268 8262

Pedal Power

Dear Kim,

As part of the Healthy Towns project in Portmsouth we developed 2 programmes to encourage younger children to cycle safely although all the training took place on playgrounds. Whilst the aim was to encourage cycling the content was centred around safety i.e. a basic bike check, skills, who to look out for and clothing and equipment.
We produced a great DVD and accompanied it with an obstacle course to improve basic skills on the playground.
Unfortunately we no longer have Healthy Towns funding which covered the cost of part of a member of staff to deliver this. However, the DVD is still borrowed by schools along with the obstacle course.

You're welcome to call and have a chat about it, I might be able to find a spare copy of the DVD for you to have a look at.

Kind regards,

Nicola Waight
Road Safety Officer

Response posted on 12th September 2012 by:
Natasha Dennis
Cornwall Council
T: 01872 224603

child cycle training

Hi Kim,

We run a pre-level 1 course for children aged 7 upwards. It's playground based but covers a basic bike check and is aimed at improving trainees balance and control. We also have lesson plans for scooter skills - please get in touch if you'd like further info.

kind regards,
Tasha Dennis
Sustainable Transport Officer

Response posted on 19th September 2012 by:
Sally Barrett
London Borough of Bexley
T: 02030455753

Cycle intervention with younger children

We tried Family training this summer. This involved parents and children of varying ages learning how to ride together. Give me a buzz if you would like to talk about it.

Response posted on 21st September 2012 by:
Jason Falconer
Any other organisation
T: 01202 451185

Cycle intervention with younger children

Jason Falconer
Sustrans Bike It Officer,
Working in partnership with Bournemouth and Poole Councils

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