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Help requested posted on 14th August 2012:

Bike to work

We used to have a bike to work scheme, where you purchase a bike by installments at some advantageous rate on the basis you will use it to travel to/from work. This lapsed when the rate became less advantageous and we had fewer people to run the scheme. I am looking to re-establish this with as little resource committment as possible, so this is a shameless request for any tried and tested systems, materials or advice I can access f.o.c.

Tim Philpot
Wolverhampton City Council Road Safety Team

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Response posted on 14th August 2012 by:
Carol Bagshaw
Southampton City Council
T: 023 8083 2006

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

We use Cyclescheme - - who do all the work for you (apart from the salary deduction, but Payroll do that)! If you want any more information about how we went about setting it all up, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Response posted on 15th August 2012 by:
Tina Housego
Bracknell Forest Council
T: 01344 351266

Bike to work

Tim, contact our guy here at Bracknell:
Phillip Burke
Travel Plan Co-ordinator
DD: 01344 351266


Response posted on 15th August 2012 by:
Claire Elkins
Road Safety GB
T: n/a

Bike to work

Hi Tim,

Bournemouth Council do have a Bike to work Scheme, I'm sure they would
be happy to help, please call Sue Nowell 01202-458834

The Council is keen to promote healthy lifestyles to its staff and has
introduced a Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme as part of its Health
and Wellbeing at Work programme.

This allows staff to hire a brand new bike and cycling equipment to use
to cycle to work, tax free by temporarily reducing your salary!!

This government tax incentive was introduced in 1999 as part of their
green transport plan. Typical savings for eligible employees are 43% but
the amount may vary slightly according to your salary band. Bournemouth
Council have teamed up with Cyclescheme to administer the scheme; an
independent company who have extensive experience working with other
Councils throughout the UK.

Joining the scheme is simple please click on the links below for the
Cyclescheme policy and joining instructions:
Cyclescheme policy
Cyclescheme Step By Step Process
List of local Cyclescheme Shops
Frequently asked questions
Cyclescheme leaflet

Cycling resources:
* Cyclescheme's website -
* For everything you would like to know about Cycling including online
route planners -
* Cycling training site -

For further information on Cyclescheme please visit the Cyclescheme
website at or contact Sue Nowell on 8834.

Kind regards

Response posted on 16th August 2012 by:
Michael Crehan
Telford & Wrekin Council
T: 01952 384628

Cycle to Work Scheme

Dear Tim,

We are just about to launch our second year of this scheme working with Halfords, lots of information on the scheme is available on

Halfords do a lot of the work for you and even support you if the company does not have the resources to fund the scheme. you may have to sell it to management and do this by saying that they will save around 13% on the money loaned far greater than the return on money in the bank. this means that the scheme is cost neutral to any employer.

The employee still saves 30 to 40% on the cost of a cycle throughout the life of the scheme. we produced our own advertising for our scheme but Halfords can supply this too. you can manage the scheme with a little help from Pay, the scheme is all electronic through Halfords so paperwork is kept to a minimum.

Please call to talk through if required.

Mick Crehan

Response posted on 17th August 2012 by:
Diane Pearson
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
T: 0115 936 6042

Bike to work

At DSA we run the cycle to work scheme - which Halfords endorse.

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