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Help requested posted on 13th July 2012:

11-15 year old pedestrians

Data shows that we are struggling to make progress with 11-15 year old pedestrians across West Yorkshire and their casualty profile is static. The main causation factors appear to lay the blame with the young pedestrians who 'fail to look', 'step into road heedless of traffic' or 'fail to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles' etc.

Does anyone know of any publicity / marketing campaigns that have been successfully aimed at this group or any educational resources which have shown to be effective?

Alternatively - would we be better to shift our focus towards the drivers involved in the collisions as opposed to trying to aim initiatives at the pedestrians?

Rebeeca James
Leeds City Council

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Response posted on 16th July 2012 by:
Dr Martin Langham
User Perspective Ltd
T: 01273 704432

young Peds

We did a project on pedestrian / bus incidents in Brighton. There is a report with examples of posters, engineering changes, and a difference approach to enforcement.
Our approach was data led we found an unusual set of circumstances involving a small stretch of road.
If you approach Brighton and Hove City council you should get some advice steer. Always happy to help if you have questions after that.
I think my advice at an early stage is
1) Investigate these incidents more than just stats 19 these are pretty unreliable and tend not to tell you how to prevent them.
2) Attend any incident with you police CI unit.
3) Recover any CCTV you can.
4) Ask your surrounding areas if they have the same problem.
5) Ask yourself if there are high numbers in comparison to other types of road crash. There is always going to be a background rate of incidents Are you just finding these.
6) Depending on your data interview the drivers was the speed limit ok, what was the driver doing?

Shout if we can help.

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