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Help requested posted on 27th June 2012:

Child pedestrian training

Cambridgeshire want to offer their schools pedestrian training and are looking for a package/ideas to deliver. If you offer pedestrian training to your schools, I would be really interested to hear how you deliver, manage and fund it. Ideally we want to offer something in Yr 1/2 (classroom activity) and a short walk out of school and then something more comprehensive with Yr 3/ possibly 2/3 sessions. I would be grateful for any help/advice you can give.

Cheryl Morgan
Cambridgeshire County Council

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Response posted on 29th June 2012 by:
andy dickinson
Medway Council
T: 01634 331832

Child pedestrian training

Hi Cheryl,
In Medway we have just developed the RoadStars programme for years 2or3 to 6.

It is designed to be delivered by school staff after training form our team. We also offer schools the opportunity to witness delivery by one of our team.

It is designed to be flexible in how it is delivered so that teachers can use it as a teaching resource around their curriculum commitments and long term plans. There are four elements that build upon prior knowledge.

We'd be happy to send details if you contact either me or Su Ormes [formerly Negus]

Best wishes


Response posted on 29th June 2012 by:
Honor Byford
Road Safety GB
T: n/a

Child pedestrian training

Hi Cheryl,
Yes, we have developed/adapted a pedestrian training programme for our schools. We used to provide the staff to deliver it but no longer do this - they were funded from the road safety grant. We focussed on Year 3 pupils.

The materials were also funded from the grant but we still have a striock and have equipped every primary school with a set.

You can see and are welcome to use the resources and lesson plans etc on our website:

Please would you acknowledge that they are from NYCC or the 95 Alive RS Partnership? I can provide logos if you decide to go to print on anything.

The programme was very well received and if you need further information, you can e-mail my colleague, Ann Smallwood, who is our RS Curriculum adviser and is a qualified teacher as well as an RSO.


Response posted on 29th June 2012 by:
Katie Brimley
Essex County Council
T: 01245 437781 Ext: 51781

child pedestrian training

Dear Cheryl
We produced resources to support a series of pedestrian training courses that we used to run for Pupils accompanied by their parents at Reception Age (stage 1 training) for pupils at year 3 and in transition training at year 6. since the recent round of cuts we no longer run these sessions in this format but the resources for 1 and 2 can be downloaded from our website /other information/A-Z resources then select from:

All about Pedestrian Training (Stage One) For Reception pupils
CDS pedestrian P1

All about Pedestrian Training (Stage Two) For Year 3 pupils
All about Pedestrian Training (Stage Two) p1

All about Pedestrian Training (Stage One) For Reception pupils page 2
CDS pedestrian P2

Kind Regards
Katie Brimley
Road Safety Manager
Essex County Council - County Hall

Response posted on 2nd July 2012 by:
Richard Hall
North Lincolnshire Council
T: 01724 297346

Pedestrian skills training

We currently run pedestrian skills with classroom based work, using our Streetsafe activity book 1, taking place before 2 x one hour sessions (usually a week apart) out on the road. The classroom work is led by teaching staff and the on road sessions by a Road Safety Officer supported by parent volunteers and sometimes classroom assistants. Each adult leads a small group (approx 4)within the approved training area on roads close to the school, looking at improving and practising crossing skills at various different sites. Children are encouraged to select safe crossing sites in turn and then make supervised decisions on how and when it is safe. This is targeted at Y3 or 4.
If you would like any further information on our scheme please contact me direct.



Response posted on 2nd July 2012 by:
Janet France
Sheffield City Council
T: 0114 2734785

Child Pedestrian Training


We have delivered Child Pedestrian Training in Sheffield over the last 10 years. We started with Kerbcraft in Y1/2 and since then have adapted the scheme for Y3/4 pupils which we call Think Ahead!.

This is a short class room introduction session showing a dvd followed by 3 One hour sessions covering the the basis 3 skills of the original Kerbcraft training.

If you would like to give me a call or e mail I can go into more detail.

Regards - Janet

Response posted on 3rd July 2012 by:
Hayley Lennon
London Borough of Hounslow
T: n/a

child pedestrian training

Hi Cheryl
I am the Pedestrian Skills training coordinator for Hounslow. I deliver two road safety schemes.

One is called Safer Steps which involves training up to 10 adult volunteers for a class of 30 children and taking them out on to the roadside for 4 sessions over a 4 week period. The other scheme is delivering assembly like presentations.

If you would like more information we can either arrange to meet up or you can ring me on 0208 583 5053. I work Monday to Thursday.

After this week I will not be in for two weeks but will be around for the rest of the summer holidays.
Best wishes

Response posted on 6th July 2012 by:
Anjila Clark
West Sussex County Council
T: 01903 859313

Child Pedestrian Training


In West Sussex we deliver a two stage practical pedestrian training scheme called Urban Footsteps. Also we are currently developing a rural element to sit along side it and have future plans to develop an advanced third stage.

Urban footsteps uses either community volunteers or parent helpers to deliver training in key stage one but we let schools bespoke their training to suit their environment.

If you would like me to send you an electronic copy of the coordinators and volunteer handbooks please let me know.

Once you have had a look, if you are interested I am more than happy to talk you through set up and ongoing cots etc..

Stay Safe

Anjila Clark

Response posted on 16th July 2012 by:
Nick Lloyd
T: 01952 607183

Pedestrian Training

Hi Cheryl
Until recently I managed the Road Safety Team at Staffordshire County Council where we ran 2 practical pedestrian training schemes for Y1-2 and Y3-4.
I have now established a new company Managed Road Safety Solutions who deliver 2 practical training programmes using contracted trainers.This enables you to procure a high quality and cost efficient programme. If you would like further information please give me a call. Further information is available on our website Nick

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