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Help requested posted on 20th June 2012:

Roadside Screening Devices for Drugs

I was wondering if anyone was familiar or had any additional information on roadside screening devices to detect drugs ("drugalysers") being studied by the Home Office's Centre for Applied Science and Technology.

The notion of drugalysers was raised in a May 2012 news release by IAM, where the organization suggested that these devices would be introduced this year. The Home Office's website is decidedly less declarative.

Would anyone happen to have any updates on the progress of the work on rolling out a viable roadside solution to detecting drug-impaired driving?

David Silva
Any other organisation

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Response posted on 27th June 2012 by:
Naomi Baster
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
T: 02072227732

Roadside Screening Devices for Drugs

Hi David,
As far as we understand it the Home Office has indicated that the devices are expected to get type approval by the end of the year, however there is still some discussion between manufacturers and the Home Office regarding cost of type approval.

Response posted on 28th June 2012 by:
Dave Hammond
Department for Transport
T: 02079446436

Official Line

Hi David
The official line from DfT is:
The Government is committed to type approving roadside devices. We are currently considering how best to take this forward without risking the type approval of station-based devices that is already under way, and in a way which will enable account to be taken of any conclusions reached by the expert panel that has been set up to advise on the drugs to be covered by the new offence and the specified limit for each

That line is vague because it is still early and they are considering all aspects as they will need to "future proof" legislation

I guess they may be able to say more when the expert panel reports back

Hope that helps
Dave H

Response posted on 2nd July 2012 by:
Iain Sillars
Any other organisation
T: 01727-865051

Roadside Screening Devices for Drugs

Have you tried to give CAST a ring (01727-865051) and discuss it? As long as it doesn't involve commercial confidentiality or policy, most of my ex colleagues do try to be helpful. As far as I remember a few months back the technology had shown good results and it was being taken forward to set up manufacture and type approval.

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