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Help requested posted on 14th June 2012:

Controlled Crossings - leaflets

I am looking for any leaflets or fliers that you have produced about how to use a signal controlled crossing - puffin, pelican and toucan. No longer available from DfT (and it wasn't a very exciting leaflet anyway)- have you produced anything better, suitable for use with Primary age children and their parents that you would be able to share, please?

Honor Byford
95 Alive Partnership

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Response posted on 14th June 2012 by:
suzanne Keith
Road Safety Authority
T: 01752 304316

Puffin Crossing Leaflet

I'm more than happy for you to use if you feel its suitable
Road Safety Officer
Plymouth City Council

Response posted on 14th June 2012 by:
Eleanor Gibson
South Lanarkshire Council
T: 01698 453617

Controlled Crossings

South Lanarkshire Council have produced an A3 sized poster giving details of how to cross safely at a PUFFIN, ZEBRA, TOUCAN and PELICAN Crossing.
Please send details of postal address if you would like a copy.

Response posted on 14th June 2012 by:
Dan Campsell
Road Safety Analysis /Agilysis
T: 01295 731812

Safer Steps

Hi Honor,

We have just worked with the Berkshire authorities on our Safer Steps programme which is a booklet & DVD for circulation to primary aged children. I know its not quite the 'flyer' option that you were looking for.

You can review the booklet (digital publication) here:

If you would like a copy of the DVD I will gladly send a copy of that through to you as well.

For the Berkshire authorities we pieced together a range of options that they can buy into depending on how much they are investing into the initiative. Some have gone for booklets & DVDs others have gone for associated branded promotional materials (gym bags, reflective materials etc.) Each authority can also have their own version of the workbook with their own branding on of course.

Feel free to get in touch if its of any interest.

Kind regards


Response posted on 20th June 2012 by:
Dave Hammond
Department for Transport
T: 020 7944 6436

Puffin Leaflet

Hi Honor

Think! have a leaflet available for Puffin crossings which you can order from here:

Response posted on 22nd June 2012 by:
Sue Boyeson
Hull City Council
T: 01482 612290

Pedestrian Crossing Leaflet

Hi Honor
Hull City Council have just updated an A3 leaflet on Zebra, Pelican, Toucan & Puffin Crossings.Copies are in the post
Road Safety Officer

Response posted on 22nd June 2012 by:
Keith Baldock
Brighton and Hove City Council
T: 01273 292258

Ped Crossing leaflet

Hi Honor
I use the material Debbie reed produced for London Rd project when you were here. Simple clear graphics - good for language schools plus primary i think. Give me a call if you want them.
all best

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