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Help requested posted on 13th June 2012:

Zebra Crossing safety

I recall reading a research document a decade or so ago on Zebra Crossings which highlighted that on average, Zebra Crossings attrached 1 accident per year, and that this increased within the "shadow" of the crossing, as drivers were concentrating on the crossing itself, and not kerbside acitivity close to the crossing. I cannot recall the name of the report and hence cannot locate it. I'm also interested in any more recent reports on Zebra Crossings and their effect on traffic movement as well, with any subsequent recommendations. Can anyone help?

Miguel Cooksey
North East Lincolnshire Council

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Response posted on 14th June 2012 by:
Steven Cross
Leicestershire County Council
T: 0116 3056827

Zebra Crossing safety


The following is an extract from the Department for Transport's Local Transport
Note 1/95 The Assessment of Pedestrian Crossings

In paragraph 3.5 under the heading road accidents it states

3.5.1 The existing injury accident record for the proposed location, including 50 metres either side, should be noted. It is often useful to record details such as age, any special vulnerability such as a particular type of disability, location of accident and time of day to
see if any pattern emerges. State the period over which the figures apply and describe any significant local changes in that time.

3.5.2 When assessing the effect of introducing a crossing on accidents, a comparison with statistics for other local sites should be made. The accident statistics from a large sample of similar crossings will give an average for a yearly period. The average should then be compared with the site in question. If the number of accidents at the site is below average then it may not be reasonable to predict a benefit in accident terms, although there may be
other advantages, if a crossing is installed. Caution should be exercised that in improving access for pedestrians the accident potential is not made worse by installing a crossing."

Hope this helps


Response posted on 22nd May 2015 by:
Brian Mason


Zebra crossing safty

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