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Help requested posted on 2nd May 2012:

Pedestrian Training ASD

I would be very grateful if anybody would be able to point me in the right direction for useful resources or guidance materials, that will assist the delivery of pedestrian training for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Ted Booker
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

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Response posted on 3rd May 2012 by:
Honor Byford
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 532616

Resources for ASD

I have found the London Child Safety Groups Makaton handbook for road safety very useful. It works well with children and adults with ASD and other learning difficulties, whether or not they use Makaton as a language tool.
I'm not sure who you go to to obtain it as I haven't bogyuht one in a couple of years - it used to be around 25 a copy - a nice hard back book so durable for repeated use.


Response posted on 3rd May 2012 by:
Khair-un-Nisa Simmonds
London Borough of Greenwich
T: 020 8921 8075

ASD disorders

We use Norfolk's TITAN training scheme. Some details on their site and also useful materials on Staffordshire's:

Response posted on 3rd May 2012 by:
Diane Pearson
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
T: 0115 936 6042

Pedestrian Training ASD

Suggest you contact - The National Autistic Society - contact is Emma Delaney - ''

Diane Pearson

Equality & Engagement Team
Driving Standards Agency

Response posted on 9th May 2012 by:
Melvin Vincent
Dorset Police Driver Awareness Course
T: 07712569738

Pedestrian Training ASD

We are currently working with a local school that deals with a wide range of pupils with Special Education Needs;
Angelmans syndrome


Cerebral palsy

Downs syndrome


Smith Magenis


Chromosome 22q 11 micro deletion

hearing loss

Cri Du Chat syndrom

Retts syndrome

Poly micragyria

cortical dysplasia

wolf-hirschon syndrome

We have developed an interactive and practical workshop covering the pupils vulnerability as pedestrian road users and how to keep safe.

Happy to help if we can.

Mel Vincent
Driver Instructor Supervisor

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