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Help requested posted on 23rd April 2012:

Bikeability Level 3

We are looking at the possibility of offering Bikeability Level 3 to local secondary schools and I wondered if anyone has had any experience with this? What uptake was like, whether you charged for the course, etc. Many thanks!

Alyson Broome
Powys County Council

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Response posted on 24th April 2012 by:
Lyndsay Cleary
Blackpool Council
T: 01253 476261


Hi Alyson, we have tried several times to offer Bikeability to high schools and sixth form colleges, but we've always drawn a blank !!! I offered the course as Urban Cycling for the 21st Cent to make it 'rad'.....but it didn't work!!! All of this was offered free of charge.
Kind Regards & good luck, Lyndsay.

Response posted on 25th April 2012 by:
Daniel Carlin
Essex County Council
T: n/a


Hi Alyson,
I am running a pilot scheme since last year and the results are patchy as the student are in a lot of cases unreliable , not turning up if they had something better to do etc, The teaching staff are never available and don`t seem to keep track , once it is organised , they disappear ? Iam trying a few new colleges this year to see if it will improve .
We do not charge for the courses and fund it from Bikeability up to year 9 and self fund any beyond this ourselves .
Dan C.

Response posted on 25th April 2012 by:
Don Muir
Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership
T: 01452 425532

Bikeability Level 3

We started this quite soon after the National Standards were introduced and had done our own "Silver Cycling" at secondary schools before that. Out of 35 schools we have deliverd to 24 and currently have 19 booked for this year.

As the others have said it is very inconsistent between schools, contacts in some are changing every year and it is a challenge to get it on their agenda and get across that it is progression from L2 and not just repetition.

However, where there is a proactive staff member who drives it at the school, the uptakes have been good and the pupil feedback very positive. This consitent point of contact seems to be the key factor and the area I will be focussing on as we look to up the numbers. We have done between 450 and 700 a year and currently ask for an 8 contribution.

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