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Help requested posted on 12th April 2012:

Healthy Ageing Day -presentation

Would any of you have a presentation suitable for Healthy Ageing Day which I have been asked to present at?

Noel Gibbons
Mayo County Council

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Response posted on 12th April 2012 by:
Steve Barber
Northamptonshire County Council
T: 01604 364304

Healthy Aging Day

Hi Noel,

Try Rob Gifford at PACTS. One of his team recently gave a presentation on alternative transport etc for the aging population at a conference, and it was pretty good.


Steve Barber

Response posted on 12th April 2012 by:
Mike Hull
Devon County Council
T: 01392444773

Healthy Ageing Day

Hi Noel
We have a presentation called Drive Safer For Longer that I can let you have, just email if you would like it.

Mike Hull

Response posted on 16th April 2012 by:
Mick Finnegan
Meath County Council
T: n/a

Healthy Ageing Day

Hi Noel.

Angela Teahan was doing a major project on this before she left R.S.A. Im sure somebody in R.S.A. has a draft of the work she has done.

Kind Regards,
Mick Finnegan

Response posted on 17th April 2012 by:
Marie Craddock
Birmingham City Council

0121 675 6517

Hello, I have a presentation that I do with voluntary and religious venues, that covers reminders on staying safe. I follow this with an interactive road safety picture bingo game. Please let me know if you would like more details.

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