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Help requested posted on 4th April 2012:

Pedestrian Training Schemes

We have been offering a Pedestrian Training scheme to schools for a few years and are now looking at the possibility of putting it onto our Website/Learning Grid to enable schools to access directly. Has anybody already done this, if so, with what success?

Kath Greenaway
Luton Borough Council

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Response posted on 11th April 2012 by:
andy dickinson
Medway Council
T: 01634 331832

pedestrian training schemes

Hi Kath

We have a virtual learning platform [ ] on which we promote most of our school-based initiatives.

Although our intention is to send out an evaluation survey to schools this summer, we tend to find that we have to regularly direct schools to pages when we need to communicate information. We feel that there is little independent use by schools / teachers so it doesn't save us a significant amount of "legwork".

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