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Help requested posted on 3rd April 2012:

Schemes or initiatives for newly qualified drivers

I am looking for initiatives or schemes aimed at newly qualified drivers and/or motor cycle riders. We are planning a research project to evaluate these schemes and looking at accident reduction.

Carol Hawley
Road Safety GB

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Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
Honor Byford
Abbey Motorcycle Instructors Ltd
T: 01609 532616

Young Drivers

We run an Enhanced Pass Plus scheme here in North Yorkshire and have undertaken an initial evaluation for effectiveness - I am just waiting for Fiona Fylan to come back to me to agree that we submit the evaluation report to the Knowledge Centre.

Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
david glanville
Leeds City Council
T: 0113 2475804


Hi Carole, You might want to speak to Dr Julie Gandolfi at Driving Research regarding evaluation of the Enhanced Rider Scheme. 01908 663275 or she's been doing some evaluation of ERS as part of a national project for the last couple of years and really knows her onions.

Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
Michelle Watkins
T: 08453656204

Schemes or initiatives for newly qualified drivers

Hi Carole,
Here in Central Beds we deliver a new driver programme called MORE Drive and also a post CBT course called Take Control. We also run a pre driver course called MORE 16 which may also be of interest.

The University of Bedfordshire have been employed to evaluate the whole of our programme this year and as such these two courses will be included.

If you are interested I can forward you the results once they become available?

Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
Diane Pearson
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
T: 0115 936 6042

Schemes or initiatives for newly qualified drivers


Driving Standards Agency runs two schemes - Pass Plus (for newly qualified drivers) and the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) for motorcyclists who want to brush up their skills and get rid of bad ridinghabits.

Please email me if you need more details and I can pass to on to the right people.

Please go to our website via Directgov.


Diane Pearson

Equality & Engagement Team
Driving Standards Agency


Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
nigel spencer
Buckinghamshire County Council
T: 01296 383431

Schemes or initiatives for newly qualified drivers

We have a post-test training scheme for young drivers called Get in Gear, please contact my colleague June Howlett on 01296 382338. Who will be very happy to talk you through this.

Thank you


Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
Eleanor Gibson
South Lanarkshire Council
T: 01698 453617

Pass Plus

We have run a subsidised Pass Plus scheme for newly qualified drivers in South Lanarkshire since July 2007.

The main findings of the evaluation of the scheme for 2007 - 2012 are:-

82% of participants undertook the scheme in order to improve their driving.

58% reported that Pass Plus significantly improved their technical ability to drive.

75% stated that Pass Plus had significantly improved the safety of their driving.

74% said that Pass Plus had a major impact on their attitude/behaviour towards driving in a positive way.

Statistics in relation to young drivers have been monitired to ascertain effectiveness. Injury accidents and casualties where the causation vehicle (vehicle 1) was a car and was driven by someone in the 17 to 25 years of age group. Results as follows:-

2006 199 272

2007 193 273

2008 159 210

2009 139 198

2010 111 148

2011 102 150

Route Action Plans, involving engineering measures, combined with the educational Pass Plus initiative for newly qualified drivers has helped us to achieve a 64% reduction in injury accidents per year in South Lanarkshire.

Response posted on 4th April 2012 by:
Jemma Jones
North Wales Road Safety Group
T: 01745 828180

Young Drivers

Hi Carol

Mac GB Limited currently run Pass Plus Cymru in North Wales please feel free to contact me if you need any information or visit

Kind regards
Jemma Jones
01745 828180

Response posted on 20th April 2012 by:
Alan Kennedy
Durham County Council
T: 0191 383 3767

Young Drivers

Carol, in Durham we run a Young Driver pre and post test scheme called EXCELerate. Initially funded by a DfT Specific Grant as a pilot in 2008, we have continued the scheme with some success. see

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