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Help requested posted on 30th March 2012:

Bikeability Tendering Process

We are currently pulling together a tender to provide Bikeability to our local schools and wondering if any Local Authority has already gone through the process of appointing outside contractors to deliver the Bikeability training. In particular, I would be interested to speak to any authority who has put together documentation to send out for quotes/tenders for the commissioning of Bikeability to save time in starting from scratch in preparing the documentation. Any assistance would be greatfully received.

Allan Robins
Hull City Council

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Response posted on 2nd April 2012 by:
Paul Watson
Road Safety GB - North East
T: 01429 523590

Bikeability Tender

Morning Allan - we did a similar exercise a few years ago and I still have the tender docs. If you would like to give me a call I can email them to you.

Paul Watson

Response posted on 2nd April 2012 by:
Gillian Roberts
St Helens Council
T: 01744 673233

Bikeability tendering

Hello Alan
we have done this in Merseyside, through Merseytravel. If you email Jane Moore at Merseytravel, she may be able to help you.

Regards, Gill

Response posted on 2nd April 2012 by:
Nick Lloyd
Staffordshire County Council
T: 07855336928

Bikeability Tender

Hi Alan if you email me at I can email you a specification we used with our Tender.

Response posted on 2nd April 2012 by:
Jeremy Philips
Devon County Council
T: 01392 383289

Bikeability tender

Hi Alan

We put our Bikeability programme out to tender last year and ended up contracting a consortium of local agents to deliver. Email (who is away for a few days) and he will be able to send you copies of the relevant material including invitations to tender; scoring criteria etc.


Response posted on 2nd April 2012 by:
Elaine Beckett
London Borough of Hackney
T: 0208 356 4963

Bikeablity Tender

Hi Allan
As one of RSGB Cycling specialists I can see from the above you have had lots of offers of help which is great!
However if you do require any further help please do not hesitate to contact me. We procure most of our cycle training and have teder documents for most types of Cyclist Training in Hackney
Kind Regards Elaine

Response posted on 3rd April 2012 by:
Judith Billingham
Wiltshire Council
T: 01225 701970

Bikeablity Tender

Bath & North East Somerset (BANES) did this a year or so back. They may be able to help you.

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