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Help requested posted on 30th March 2012:

Assessment of practical ped skills

Does anyone have a scheme in place that assesses and rewards peds skills? If so may I have details of the levels and evaluation please?

Su Ormes
Medway Council

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Response posted on 30th March 2012 by:
Frances Allen
Staffordshire County Council
T: 01785 276619 / 07855336984

Pedestrian training

We have a training scheme for 7 to 9 year olds which teaches skills then has an observation session in which their skills are assessed. Pupils and parents receive feedback from this observed walk. It was evaluated independently in 2010. Please call me if you need more info. Fran Allen

Response posted on 5th April 2012 by:
Sue Boyeson
Hull City Council
T: 01482 612290

Pedestrian Trainig

Hi Su
We have a scheme very similar to Staffordshire
Please call for further information
Sue Boyeson

Response posted on 16th April 2012 by:
Chi Ming Lai
Hertfordshire County Council
T: 01992 556807

Assessment of practical pedestrian skills

Dear Sue,

We have a 20 question multiple choice questionaire which is used before and after the Pedestrian Skills activity to find out the initial knowledge base and then measure the improvement in knowledge average across the class. Please contact me if you would like more info.

Chi Ming Lai
Road Safety Officer

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