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Help requested posted on 12th March 2012:

cycle storage - minipods

I'm looking into the possibility of using cycle minipods within a few of our schools. I would be really interested in hearing from anyone who has first hand experience of using this type of cycle storage with their schools. What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Tracey Vaccarezza
Solihull MBC

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Response posted on 13th March 2012 by:
Jessica Fox-Taylor
Bath & North East Somerset Council
T: 01225 394257

cycle storage -minipods

Hi Tracey,

we have one school in B&NES that use minipods, and they love them!

They are attractive to pupils with their bright colours, and look smart at the front of the school as all the bicycles are tidily organised in them instead of the unkempt collection of bikes that is often the appearance with sheffield stands.
Bikes are also damaged less as they aren't leaning on or tangled up in one another.

The integrated scooter racking points interspersed between the bike points are great! Scooter storage is often overlooked, and this brings the two items together, helping to foster an attitude of inclusion not segregation between cycling and scooting.

I also think that having a clear and easy point to lock each and every bike and scooter helps to encourage a security conscious mindset in youngsters. Which, although they aren't often utilised in primary schools, is very important as they progress to secondary school and cycling/scooting to other locations.

Much more expensive than bog standard sheffield stands, and unless you can afford the covered variety, bikes are still at the mercy of the weather.

Response posted on 13th March 2012 by:
David Sharp
Midlothian Council
T: 01312713518

cycle storage -minipods

We've had some at a few schools for a couple of years, and would agree with Jessica's comments. Kids like them (even in plain black, but preference is for school colours). The extra popularity and greater use could be worth the extra cost. Cost is more than simpler options, covered version or other shelter would be even more.

Response posted on 13th March 2012 by:
Mark Symonds
City of Edinburgh Council
T: 0131 469 3817

cycle storage - minipods

Would echo Jessica and David on their comments. We got some put in at Holy Cross Primary and they look great and have proved much more popular with pupils than the Sheffield Stands and seem to be more easily understood by scoote users than the Broxap type scooter racks. When we compared the cost of installing standard racks with concrete pockets versus drilling into tarmac for minipods, we found the minipods only very slightly more expensive per space than the standard types.
In theory, you can get an umbrella mounted in the centre to cover them but not explored this option.

Response posted on 13th March 2012 by:
Jane Deeley
Swindon Borough Council
T: 01793 466335

cycle storage - minipods

Several schools in Swindon now have minipods and/or scooterpods. Agree with all the comments above, particularly regarding appeal for primary children. We have found them easy to locate and install on school sites, and in one case they have been moved to a new site when a school closed.
If your authority is a member of Modeshift for the coming year, you will be entitled to a discount from the supplier.

Response posted on 16th March 2012 by:
Heather Baker
Devon County Council
T: 01392 383168

Cycle minipods

At Devon County Council, we have a lot of experience of cycle parking in schools & workplaces, programmes that we have always managed ourselves, rather than outsourcing.
We used the adult versions of the cyclepods many years ago and have kept in touch with the company. I like the ethos of the company but I personally don't feel the design fulfils all the standard requirements of cycle parking - easy to use, weather proofed and secure.

Advantages - recycled plastic options, bright/fun colours, easy installation, space saving solution, carbon neutral company

Disadvantages - limited storage as only certain size bikes will fit, requires user to lift front wheel (not easily for many adults, let alone children), does not offer a covered and lockable storage option

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