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Help requested posted on 6th March 2012:

Bikeability Booking Systems

We have recently brought Bikeability in-house and I am seeking to improve on our first booking system. Does anyone have a good tried and tested system for booking schools and allocating instructors in excel or other format that you would share?

Colin Young
Durham County Council

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Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Rob Camp
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224548



You maybe in luck. We have just put something together in the last week. Call me on 07770507993.


Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Nick Truran
Hertfordshire County Council
T: 01992556808

Bikeability Booking Systems

As with Rob. Drop me and email and I should be able to send you what we use.


Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Paul Watson
Road Safety GB - North East
T: 01429 523590


Hi Colin - if you contact PDS (Professional Driving Solutions) and ask for Gareth, they have developed the ATLAS system to take bookings for cycle training.

Professional Driver Services Ltd

1 St. Mary's Avenue


CF63 4LR

Tel 0871 200 2217

or Tel 01446 722 401



Paul Watson

Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Emily Tester
Brighton and Hove City Council
T: 01273 293847

Bikeability booking systems


I use a excel spreadsheet as a diary with the bookings. The schools contact me and I place the bookings. With the trainers I send out an e-mail with a excel spreadsheet each half term with the work and they tell me their availability and I work round that. My trainers are casual employees. If you would like me to send you a copy please e-mail me.

Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Judith Billingham
Wiltshire Council
T: 01225 701970

Bikeability booking

Don't know if this will help but this is how we are set up and it has proved to work extremely well over the last 5 years.

We have a Bikeability co-ordinator and all enquiries are sent via the co-ordinator. We have divided our instructors into area teams throughout the County with a team leader for each area. The co-ordinator passes the request for training, by email, to the relevant area team leader,who allocates an instructor, contacting them by email. It is then up to the individual instructor to make the booking with the school at mutually convenient times. This works for us because instrucotrs are able to make their own arangements with schools which reduces the likelihood that schools are let down.

All returns and figures are emailed to the co-ordinator who records them on a spread sheet. Hope this helps. Give me a call if you want to discuss anything.

Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Alan Hale
South Gloucestershire Council
T: 01454 863607

Bikeability Booking System

Hello Colin,
We have been using Cycle Training Management System now for some three years. This is an on-line booking system that we pay a fee for per year.
All schools book their training on line and the system then identifies the nearest and available accredited instructor from our team and sends him or her the work electronically. The instructor then accepts or rejects the work and if rejected the system seeks again.
Individuals are also able to book via the system for adult cycle training.
Instructors are able to put feedback on a confidnetial part of the system so that anyone needing to step into a course can appraise themselves of the feedback.
The system has been well received by all involved and has certainly removed a deal of work from our Bikeability technical support officers day.
The back up from the company is good and there is help at the end of a phone should any problem arise.
Contact details for Michael Poole at CTMS is 02077513040 Mob 07918691667 eaddress

Response posted on 7th March 2012 by:
Lorraine Doran
Solihull MBC
T: 0121 704 6511

Booking System

I am also looking for a booking system for bikeability. I have had a presentation from CTMS but my manager thought this was expenive for a small authority. I wonder if you have received any other solutions. Many thanks

Response posted on 8th March 2012 by:
Neil Greig
IAM RoadSmart
T: 0208 996 9772

Bikeability Booking systems


The IAM are just finalising a new bespoke booking system for our advanced driving products (including cyling). This involves matching traners to bookings etc. If any of the systems already highlighted prove not to be right for you please let me know and I can put you in touch with the right person at IAM HQ. We wont be ready to demonstrate it in full for at least another month yet.



Response posted on 12th March 2012 by:
Colin Young
Durham County Council
T: 0191 3835630


I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions and assistance. I dare say I'll be taking a few of you up on your offers very soon.


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