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Help requested posted on 23rd February 2012:

Drink Drugs Policy


I am looking to develop a robust drink drugs policy for the Council and wondered if anyone has a policy that they would be willing to share? We already have a reference to drink and drug driving in our driving policy but this is a wider, all-encompassing policy document with related procedures.

I note that a previous posting has asked about drug and alcohol testing in the work place and this will also be explored as an option too...Iíll also link to that discussion thread to share responses!

Lisa Scott
Halton Borough Council

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Response posted on 23rd February 2012 by:
Paul Watson
Road Safety GB - North East
T: 01429 523590

Drug Policy

Hi - if you send me your email address I will email you our policy.

Paul Watson

Response posted on 29th February 2012 by:
Kate Carpenter
T: 07920 143940

Drink/drug policy

I also suggest including the duty for all staff (and your contractual partners/suppliers?) to understand the hazards of legal substances: cough medicine; hayfever medication; etc can have profound effects. Many legal drugs have side effects that make driving unsafe.

People are also confused about impaired-by and using; cannabis remains present long after it impairs judgement; alcohol impairs judegement when present but not detectable to user (first drink, or morning-after). You'll need to take a line on these and ensure it's evidence-lead.

Hope that's helpful!

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