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Help requested posted on 14th February 2012:

Bikeability Level 2 - School Evaluation Questionnaire Request

Do authorities have/use Bikeability Level 2 Questionnaires for evaluating Level 2 cyclist training in schools? Could anyone provide me with an example? I wish to produce a standard questionnaire to evaluate our external contractors delivery in schools.

Stuart Aldridge
Stoke on Trent City Council

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Response posted on 15th February 2012 by:
Claire Postin
Sandwell MBC
T: 01215694102


Hi Stuart, Hope you are well. Here is the link to ours

Best Regards


Response posted on 15th February 2012 by:
colin savage
Devon County Council
T: 01392 383490

Bikeability evaluation

Hello Stuart,
Please see the following evaluation survey link,which we have just recently introduced.

We moved away from the trainees completing a 'happy tick feedback sheet' on the last session as we felt it was not producing very robust data.
Parents/children are issued with a post training resource pack and letter with the weblink details and we encourage trainees and parents to complete the new evaluation together. We are looking for a reponse rate of 40%

Any questions, please call.

Response posted on 29th February 2012 by:
Lindsey Simkins
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
T: 0121 248 2149


Hi Stuart

Would be happy to help you with your questionnaire design. Call or email any time.


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