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Help requested posted on 18th January 2012:

TiE for 17-24 Peds

Can anyone recommend a theatre company that has developed a play aimed at 17-24 year old pedestrians?

Joe Hockney
Sheffield City Council

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Response posted on 25th January 2012 by:
Julie Smith
Highways Agency Safety Team
T: 0113 283 6440

I have a script...


I have a script that I had written when the Highways Agency were developing "Right Way or No Way" for young pedestrians (early-mid teens) who cross high speed roads and often play chicken, play near main roads, don't use footways but run across the carriageway etc. Get in touch and I'll send you the script. It was written by Lee Green who's at Hull Truck Theatre, but written in his name, not the theatre's.


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