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Help requested posted on 18th November 2011:

Child restraint training

I am looking for some information regarding other authorities who have used organisations to provide car seat fitting training to train members of their staff and partners. Organisation names, contact details and approximate costs would be really helpful, as well as any feedback regarding the standard of training you felt you received.

Tamsin Ferris
Cornwall Council

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Response posted on 18th November 2011 by:
Su Negus
Medway Council
T: 01634331710

CHild restraint training

Hi Tamsin,

Contact Jan Deans' team at Dynamic - they have undertaken national Good egg guide clinics and be able to advise you fully. Jan is contactablevia:, T: 0131 667 8833


Response posted on 18th November 2011 by:
Wendy Feltham
South Gloucestershire Council
T: 01454863611

Child restraint training

Hi Tamsin

We went to Britax for a training day. It was very instructive and worth doing. It was such a long time ago now I'm not sure what the cost was if any. Contact Mark Bennett on 01264 333343 for more information.



Response posted on 18th November 2011 by:
Lynn Hepworth
Middlesbrough Council
T: 01642 728178

Child Restraint Training

Hi Tamsin
We have used an independant training consultancy to come and deliver training for us before which is excellent as you can sell on any spare places on the course. We used:
Sitsafe In Car Safety, Taira House, Church St, Gargrove, Skipton, BD23 3NE. It is run by John Horsfall 01756 749813/749932 mobile 07974143018 e mail
It is about 2 years since John came to us but I think it cost approx 500/600 plus we had to hire a training room but we sold on the spare places to Fire officers/Police and other Council Departments so we recovered all of our costs.

Response posted on 18th November 2011 by:
Debbie Peace
Dudley MBC
T: 01384 814758

In car safety

Hi Tamsin
Our team did some training in 2007 with a company called Sitsafe in Car Safety Consultancy. They were based in Skipton, Yorkshire. The name on my certificate is John Horsfall. I'm afraid we have no record of costs.

Response posted on 21st November 2011 by:
Janet Massey
Bolton Council
T: 01204336255

Childseat training

Hi Tamsin,

I would recommend John Horsfall who has worked in the childseat business for years. I attended one of his training sessions at Kirklees Council a few years ago and worked with him last year as part of the Good Egg Guide Campaign. Unfortunately, I can't find his contact details, but I'm sure Kirklees will have his number. Sorry I can't be of any more help than this.
Janet Massey

Response posted on 23rd November 2011 by:
Pat Walker
Somerset County Council
T: 01823 340011

Child car seat Training

Same as Wendy Feltham, South Gloucestershire Council, we have used Britax (Mark Bennett) in the past - but are struggling to get further training from Britax - the training was excellent - would appreciate any other child car seat trainer information - expecially from south-west.

Many thanks

Response posted on 7th December 2011 by:
Steven Bradshaw
Wigan MBC
T: 01942-489364

Child Restraint Training

Have a look at website
They are running their first course on 8th February 2012 in the North West, and will be the first course to have IOSH accreditation.

Claire Waterhouse
Director Child Seat Safety Mobile 07952 898 895

Julie Dagnall
Director Child Seat Safety Mobile - 07581709975

I hope this helps,

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