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Help requested posted on 21st September 2011:

Training for Car Seat Checking

I require training for car seat checking and was wondering if anyone knew of any organisations providing this training for road safety professionals? I am a newly appointed Road Safety Support Officer at Barnet and have not received any previous training in relation to car seat checks.

Jeffrey Sarpong
Road Safety GB

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Response posted on 21st September 2011 by:
James Sutton
Medway Council
T: 01634 331399

RE: Training for Car Seat Checking

Hi Jeffrey,

Worth checking out in case you're not aware of the Good Egg Guide in-car safety checks.

There was an article on the Road Safety GB website a couple of years ago and we've since held in-car safety check clinics here in Medway, see:

Hope this helps,

Response posted on 21st September 2011 by:
Margaret Graham
South Ayrshire Council
T: 01292 616371

In car safety

I have attended courses ran by Simon from the In car safety centre see the link below

Response posted on 22nd September 2011 by:
Denise Caley
Darlington Borough Council
T: 01325388783

car seat testing

try John Horsfall, he used to be Silver Cross expert before setting up his own business. We have used him in Darlington for training and also brought him in for special one off days. He is very excellent at his job and is passionate about correct car seat fitting. You will find a write up about him on the old LARSOA website

John Horsfall's contact details are as follows:-
Sit Safe In Car Safety (Consultancy) Ltd
Bradford Road
BD21 4AH
Tel 01535 749813
mobile 07974 143018

Response posted on 22nd September 2011 by:
Tracey Webb
Isle of Wight Council
T: 01983823194

Car Seats

Britax used to run a course, free to Road Safety Professional. Although it is obviously manufacturer specific it is or was a very good course. Tracey

Response posted on 22nd September 2011 by:
alana barlow
Walsall MBC
T: 01922 652517

in car safety

V & C consultants are excellent training providers ( and have been delivering training for many years. They are very passionate about in car safety. They also carry out some of the checking on behalf of the Good Egg Guide. I have been involved with in car safety for 10 years and their training is the best I have seen.

Hope this helps,

Response posted on 22nd September 2011 by:
karen fletcher
Bournemouth Borough Council
T: 01202 454636

car seat training

Britax trained me. They have an amazing setup in their HQ at Romsey/Andover - something like that. They showed us the whys and wherefores and then trained us how to choose the right seat for a car and the correct way to fit them We have run carseat check days annually ever since.

Response posted on 22nd September 2011 by:
Carol Collen
Kent County Council
T: 07740 185284

incar safety

I too have used
Specialists in Child Car Safety Seats
32 The Parkway Canvey Island, SS8 0AQ
Their knowledge and training is first rate. Will travel all over the country to work at quite reasonable rates.

Response posted on 27th September 2011 by:
Jennifer Coombs
Birmingham City Council
T: 0121 3037674

Training for Car Seat Checking

Hi Jeffrey,

Here in Birmingham we had our training through Stork Talk. They can offer tailored training sessions on the correct installation of child safety restraints in motor vehicles, covering Road Traffic Act requirements, car seat groups, harness position and adjustment, tips and techniques for
easy installation.
Daimon Marriot delivered the training and can be contacted at-
Stork Talk (Midlands) Ltd
The training was highly recommended.

Kind Regards,

Jenny Coombs

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