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Help requested posted on 18th August 2011:

image request

Does anyone have an image that they are willing to share of a street scene that contains children or young teenagers including: hoods up, mp3 players, bright and dark clothing, a pedestrian crossing, on a mobile phone, etc.

Rhiannon Leeds
Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety

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Response posted on 19th August 2011 by:
Frances Allen
Staffordshire County Council
T: 07855 336984


Hi Rhiannon
We have quite a few photos which we use in presentations in high schools to show youngsters using phones etc. We also have some showing high vis. I can send some if you haven't already had some.
Fran Allen

Response posted on 19th August 2011 by:
Lorraine Doran
Solihull MBC
T: 0121 704 6511



I am not sure if this helps but there is a street scene on the Think website : A new journey


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