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Help requested posted on 16th September 2010:

Secondary School resources

Can anyone provide, or point me in the right direction for some interactive road safety resources for Year 8 pupils and above? A local school has recently had a child seriously injured whilst crossing a pedestrian crossing facility when the driver had a green light to go!! Anything aimed at road safety for this age group is desperately needed?? The school would like to address with a special assembly, so Powerpoint would be good.

Rob Camp
Dorset County Council

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Response posted on 16th September 2010 by:
Cheryl Ford
Newcastle City Council
T: 0191 2115961

Secondary School Resource

Hello Rob

have you had a look at Ghost Street the short film I made for secondary school pupils? I couldn't find any resources for yerar 7 + pupils at all so I made the film to help fill the gap. If you haven't seen it have a look at and you can see the trailer.



Response posted on 16th September 2010 by:
Keith Baldock
Brighton and Hove City Council
T: 01273 292258

Secondary school RS materials

Hi - Sussex Safer Roads parnership have produced Routes - which is launched in October - which would be ideal for this. is the project manager for this. It's been piloted in our area and tweaked since. I tend to aim stuff at Yr10+ so haven't got anything for yr8 - apart from Routes soon.
All best

Response posted on 22nd September 2010 by:
Julie Smith
Highways Agency Safety Team
T: 0113 283 6440

The Right Way or No Way

Have a look at our resource at It was developed for use at the end of year 6, early Year 7, as the youngsters are gaining that sudden independence they get in the summer before "Big School!

There are supportive lesson plans/ideas for leaders. I hope it can be of use.

If you've not seen it I can also send you a copy of "Worst Hits", our resource for young drivers (or anything else you fancy from !)

Good luck,

Response posted on 24th September 2010 by:
Liz Brooker

T: 0208 314 2254

Road Safety and Geography Year 8 Resource

We have a resource as part of a package of three aimed at progressing through the secondary school Years 7 , 8 and 9 -year 7 - Road Safety and PHSE, the year 8 one is to fit in to the curriculum for Geography and year 9 is Road safety and English (or Drama) Let me know if you would like a copy to take a look at? B3 Design who produced it for us are able to reprint with your logo's etc.

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