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Help requested posted on 5th October 2020:

Online training for older drivers

We run free classroom training courses for older drivers in Derbyshire. These are normally held in local community venues throughout the county, although many of these have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Looking ahead to 2021, we are considering options for both online sessions as well as those that are face-to-face and socially distanced. Have you moved training courses online? Do you have any advice to share around changing the content to suit online training? Thank you

Karen Dobson

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Response posted on 6th October 2020 by:
Rod Harrison

T: 07917851706

Online training for older drivers

Hi Karen,

We hold a quarterly Introduction to Advanced Driving Seminar and have moved that online for the last two courses. We have used Zoom.

The first issue is the lack of natural feedback from the audience but by working a bit harder responses do start coming in.

The second issue is timing and we find that a break after an hour is needed, otherwise attention drifts.

In terms of content, as much dynamic content as possible helps to drive interest. By dynamic I mean video clips and animations.

I hope that helps.

Gloucestershire Advanced Motorists

Response posted on 8th October 2020 by:
Karen Dobson


Online training for older drivers

That does help Rod, thank you.

Our sessions are normally 75-90minutes long. We can consider adding a break or shortening the sessions.

Many thanks,

Response posted on 12th October 2020 by:
Jane Holland


Online training for older drivers

Hi Karen
We run Grand Driver in Suffolk, and have successfully moved our courses to Zoom. The content we have kept pretty much the same, and the course lasts 2.5 hours approx. with a break half way. We've limited our numbers - down from 20 in the classroom to around 5 online, so that everyone can have some input easily. We've found lots of clients are happy to take part - but also quite a large proportion are opting to wait until we can meet in person either because they want the social aspect of meeting in a group, or because they don't have the technology to meet online.
I'm very happy to discuss more with you if you wish,

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