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Help requested posted on 22nd June 2020:

Advertising campaigns concerning fatigue and driving

I am working for the Appleton Institute, at CQ University, Australia. I am writing to you in reference to a study that has been commissioned by the Australian Automobile Association to undertake a review of the policy and regulations concerning fatigue and driving. We would like to inquire about what advertising campaigns your organisation has been involved in (television, radio, printed, website, YouTube, social media) around fatigue and driving, if any. If you could please point me on the direction of the most appropriate resources or contact in this regard, I would be most grateful. Thank you for your consideration.

Damian Demasi

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Response posted on 22nd June 2020 by:

T: 07887552708

Advertising campaigns concerning fatigue and driving

You should find some helpful information here:

And also further articles on these subjects here:

Response posted on 24th June 2020 by:
Damian Demasi


Advertising campaigns concerning fatigue and driving

Thank you for your response, Adrian. The links you provided contain helpful information about recommendations and rules.

Unfortunately, none of them cover advertising campaigns offered by Road Safety Great Britain (or similar organisations). In the case you (or anyone else) are aware of any links to the aforementioned campaigns, I would be most thankful.

Response posted on 8th July 2020 by:
Fraser Andrew


Advertising campaigns concerning fatigue and driving

Hello, Damian.

Perhaps it's a reflection on their effectiveness, but I can't recall a campaign as such in GB. The above link refers to the official body that deals with the publicity aspect in England and Wales, and a former campaign.
In Scotland, official campaigning this is dealt with by Road Safety Scotland. This news item refers to a fatigue campaign:

Relevant websites, from which contacts and further details might be found are:

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents provides much useful information, but whether you'd consider that campaigning, I'm not sure:



Response posted on 24th July 2020 by:
Alan Moriarty


Advertising campaigns concerning fatigue and driving

Hi Damien,

In Ireland the Road Safety Authority ran a series of adds on TV, radio and social media as well as a poster campaign.

They also teamed up with a number of petrol stations around the country to offer free coffee to drivers on bank holiday weekends.

All of the material and information on the campaign can be found here:

Hopefully there is something useful in here for you.

Kind Regards,

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