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Help requested posted on 19th June 2020:

Scooter training

Due to funding issues I am reviewing our scooter training and looking towards charging for it. Do you carry out scooter training? If so do you charge the schools? Do you run scooter courses during the holidays? Any information would be appreciated.

Emily Tester

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Response posted on 25th June 2020 by:
Jane Deeley


Scooter training

Hi Emily,
We run scooter training in schools and have charged schools 'per head' for several years. This is now done through our Traded Services system and this year the cost has been 5.30 (We have to increase by standard corporate % each year, hence the odd amount!). Some schools pass this cost on to parents and some use PE funding.

Response posted on 29th June 2020 by:
Maree Richards


Scooter training

Hi Emily
We do provide scooter training (ScootSmart) but train volunteers, usually by talking through the Instructor manual we provide and then they run the courses with the children. Please email me if you want and I can give you more information.
Best wishes

Response posted on 5th August 2020 by:
Cheryl Morgan

T: 01223 699499

Scooter training

Hello Emily,
I hope you are well.
Just catching up on emails during a quieter period!
We still run ScootSmart, mostly in schools that take part in the Junior Travel Ambassador or STARS projects. Usually it just means one of us train a few staff in the school to deliver and we provide them with resources and an occasional visit, no charges.
Take care, kind regards Cheryl

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