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Help requested posted on 31st March 2020:

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Hi all

We have now been successfully running the Junior Travel Ambassador Scheme in Cambridgeshire for 5 years. I would be interested to hear from others who are providing JTA/JRSO and in particular how you organise this within your county/borough and if you have or are doing any evaluation on the project. Wishing all my road safety colleagues, stay safe and keep well at this difficult and challenging time.

Maree Richards

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Response posted on 1st April 2020 by:

T: 020 8356 1358

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Hi Maree,
I took over our JRSO program on March 1st, and unfortunately we have obviously had to suspend activity for the time being. However I worked closely with my predecessor so feel capable of sharing if you want to look at any of our materials.
We run a training day at the start of the school year to get teams going, and offer mini versions for teams starting throughout the year. At this we give them an idea of the campaigns we run, how they can do this in their schools, and develop their creative and presentation skills. We/I will then do regular update visits to teams to develop their ideas into actions. At the end of the year we have a celebration day to share what has been done by teams.
I am taking this time to redesign some of the materials and how we evaluate so would be happy to share ideas as we go along (guessing none of us will be delivering face to face any time soon).

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