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Help requested posted on 10th March 2020:

Transition to secondary schools

A small group of keen primary school staff have created transition packs for their students around transitioning to secondary school. These are very bespoke but I would like to provide them with a generic starting point - does any one else have an example of a resource pack they use? Thanks in advance

Cheryl Evans

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Response posted on 11th March 2020 by:
Keith Baldock


Transition to secondary schools

We do Step Up in Sussex - a small credit card sized trifold leaflet linking to a web page. Distributed as a hard copy to all Yr 6 students via their primary schools, targeted just after KS2 SATS, with info e-mails with exemplar stuff to Yr 6 HoY.
Referred to in Safety in Action week activity (circus of 10 10 minute risk scenarios, including looking at braking distances for vehicles/distracted pedestrians) which probably 10% of Yr 6 go to and then at Yr 7 in Autumn term when Partnership run TiE.
Web page:

Response posted on 12th March 2020 by:
John Billington


Transition to secondary schools

Here's a link to the resources we supply for Year 6 and transition:

Let me know if you want to see any samples - John

Response posted on 12th March 2020 by:
Max Moorcock (Hackney Road Safety)

T: 7966526764

Transition to secondary schools

We offer schools a transition lesson (50-60 mins) for yr 6 post SATs. In this we cover indipendent travel factors such as using public transport, distractions and social preasure. We test their understanding of factors that afect their safety and discuss their concerns.
We also cover the subject briefly (10 mins per group) during the TFL junior citizens program run each winter, where like Keith's example above, the yr 6s do a round robin between us, TFL, the police and other partners.
Having just taken over the role it will be my first year of delivering, but I have a power point from my predicessor that you are welcome to have if you want.

Response posted on 3rd April 2020 by:
James Marsh

T: 020 3772 0744

Transition to secondary schools

Hey Cheryl
As a supplier, we find that Year 6 is often a no-go area from October through to post-SATS in May. However, after SATS (ie second half of summer term) is a great time for Yr 6 as lessons tend to be more general and teachers welcome the opportunity to look at something that is not curriculum specific.

We also have a couple of councils who instead like to deliver the same materials to Yr 7s in the first weeks of September, when the pupils are actually getting to grips with transition (being a small fish in a big pool, seeing how older children behave, peer pressure and so on).

We usually deliver the materials direct to schools as resource-stretched RSOs don't have time to do so themselves.

Hope that helps. I can send you some examples if you'd like to know more.


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