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Help requested posted on 21st February 2020:

Resources to support NPCC mobile phone week

Dr Helen Wells (Keele University) and Dr Gemma Briggs (OU) have produced a resource pack to support police and partners in the forthcoming NPCC mobile phone campaign (9th-29th March).

The pack contains pre-written content for over 60 Tweets (plus images, memes, links to activities etc) a charging flowchart to support officer decision making, guidance on press release and communications messaging, and guidance on challenging some of the most common defences/objections from the public and media.

The pack can be accessed by police and partners via the NRPOI section of the Police Knowledge Hub ( or (if that proves tricky) by emailing Dr Helen Wells (

Dr Helen Wells

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Response posted on 2nd March 2020 by:
Sarah Colombini


Resources to support NPCC mobile phone week

Please can you send me details of the template press release

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