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Help requested posted on 10th December 2019:

Enforcing School Keep Clears

Can anyone help or advise me with the legality of completing our own internal camera surveillance of school keep clears and whether we could use this as evidence retrospectively through our parking enforcement team? I know this can be done through registered external providers, but wondered whether we could do this using our own traffic survey team who have experience in filming on the Highway.

Rob Camp

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Response posted on 10th December 2019 by:
Sandra Agbabiaka

T: 02083568364

Enforcing School Keep Clears

Hi Rob

We have been enforcing SKC with CCTV for a number of years now, cameras are rotated throughout the borough and the scheme is in addition to the school streets programme. It is however run directly with the parking team as it is enforced by them. Parking completes the site assessment, positioning of the cameras, issuing of PCNs etc, and we provide the educational part, school selection and promote the SKC programme within the schools with the JRSOs. This has been the only way we can legally ensure compliance ( other than an actual parking officer)

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