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Help requested posted on 5th December 2019:

Fleet damage or incidents

Iím trying to find out if there is a level of damage or incidents that is expected within the fleet industry. Although everyone would aim to be at zero, there must be a baseline somewhere so that insurance companies can assess likely risk. It would also be a useful guide to understand if a particular company is performing better or worse than the norm. Any ideas out there?

Lawrence Beazley

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Fleet damage or incidents

Hi Lawrence,
Have you contacted the Highways England 'Driving for Better Business' scheme? They tend to quantify the success of the scheme by talking about reductions in damage and incidents for each member, so may have some information of use to you?

Response posted on 19th December 2019 by:
Ruth Gore


Fleet damage or incidents

Here's the link to Driving for Better Business (DfBB)website.

Excellent resources for businesses including public sector fleet.

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