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Help requested posted on 28th November 2019:

'Sub standard' crash helmets

We have had a number of serious crashes in Northants this year whereby motorcyclists have been wearing 'cheap' crash helmets purchased from the internet. The riders have suffered serious injuries when the helmets have apparently 'failed' on impact and appear to sub standard. Work is on-going by the Police to include working with Trading Standards and we are interested to know if these are isolated incidents or whether they are more commonplace.

Keith MIllard

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Response posted on 4th December 2019 by:

T: 01592 418857

'Sub standard' crash helmets

Good Morning,

Having canvased for opinion the issue of substandard crash helmets has not been reported as an issue within Police Scotland.

Kind Regards
James Henry

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Response posted on 5th December 2019 by:
Nigel Flower

T: 01392383000

'Sub standard' crash helmets

I've also asked around, does not appear to be an issue in Devon and Cornwall.


Response posted on 12th December 2019 by:
Keith Baldock


'Sub standard' crash helmets

Asked contacts in Sussex police - again not appear to be a problem but it has come down their chain of requests for info as well. there was a problem with tyres - part-worn - that arose a while back in similar vein.

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