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Help requested posted on 25th November 2019:

Professional vs lay drivers

I'd like to understand the difference (if there is one) between the professional driver and those who drive their own car to different work places (grey fleet) in terms of the size of each sector and their relative safety record.

Becky Hadley

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Response posted on 26th November 2019 by:

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Professional vs lay drivers

Hi Becky,

As you indicate its not that simple as there are also many non professional drivers of company cars some of which are grey fleet and some not!

But I guess that your point relates to rhose who drive their own cars to their workplace - if it is not commuting it should count as 'Grey fleet' if it is commuting it probable is not!

I suggest that you discuss with Heather Ward who has recently finished some research in this area.

Also perhaps you may get further insight if you take a look at:

Happy to discuss further.


Response posted on 7th December 2019 by:
Derek C Donald

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Professional vs lay drivers

I have always considered that professional drivers fall within the categories of Chauffeurs, Taxi Drivers and Couriers whose main task involves driving to carry out their paid employment, driving. Lay drivers are in my view, drivers who use their own cars or company supplied cars in order that they can get to a place of employment different to their base, e.g., an Engineer travelling to a site where they would carry out their paid employment, or a Road Safety Officer travelling to a school or other establishment to give a Road Safety talk, i.e., their professional career is in Engineering or Road Safety not driving.

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