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Help requested posted on 8th November 2019:

Driver Database

Can someone give us some guidance as to the available of a user-friendly database which can store driver training and achievement data please? One particular area of interest is the ability to auto-generate advance notifications of time-critical info such as licence and training expiry dates to a large corporate client.


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Response posted on 15th November 2019 by:
Neil Greig

T: 07515065636

Driver Database

Please contact who would be happy to talk you through what IAM RoadSmart have to offer

Response posted on 18th November 2019 by:
Andrew McGrorey

T: 01234 228142

Driver Database

Have a look at Checkmaster from a company called Roadtech.

Response posted on 21st November 2019 by:
Dave Parke


Driver Database


Have a look at

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