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Help requested posted on 1st October 2019:

SCP Recruitment

We are experiencing a decline in applications for our vacant SCP posts. We have lost a number of lunchtime shifts due to staff leaving/retiring and, when the point is surveyed at lunchtime and no longer meets the criteria, the hours are cut prior to advertising. We still have a number of SCPs covering lunchtime duties despite there being only a few children going home, as their contracts preceded the changes to school hours, children receiving free school meals up to P3 etc.

The effect of dropping the lunchtime shift has affected the number of hours worked in the week for some points and the majority of these are advertised at just over 6hrs per week. Like all LAs the SCPs are always under threat come budget time but thankfully have never been affected.

My question to the forum is - I have heard some LAs are starting to apply a 'minimum number of hours' of say 10hrs per week to encourage more applications. Is anyone aware of this type of incentive to attract more applications from people and, what does the SCP do for the extra time - are the shift times merely extended?

The majority of our staff are elderly and when they leave we will continue to lose points naturally if they no longer meet the criteria. However, it is a worrying thought for the future of our patrols.

This is not an urgent request for information - but I would be grateful any responses. Thanks

Rae Callander

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