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Help requested posted on 1st October 2019:

SCP Recruitment

We are experiencing a decline in applications for our vacant SCP posts. We have lost a number of lunchtime shifts due to staff leaving/retiring and, when the point is surveyed at lunchtime and no longer meets the criteria, the hours are cut prior to advertising. We still have a number of SCPs covering lunchtime duties despite there being only a few children going home, as their contracts preceded the changes to school hours, children receiving free school meals up to P3 etc.

The effect of dropping the lunchtime shift has affected the number of hours worked in the week for some points and the majority of these are advertised at just over 6hrs per week. Like all LAs the SCPs are always under threat come budget time but thankfully have never been affected.

My question to the forum is - I have heard some LAs are starting to apply a 'minimum number of hours' of say 10hrs per week to encourage more applications. Is anyone aware of this type of incentive to attract more applications from people and, what does the SCP do for the extra time - are the shift times merely extended?

The majority of our staff are elderly and when they leave we will continue to lose points naturally if they no longer meet the criteria. However, it is a worrying thought for the future of our patrols.

This is not an urgent request for information - but I would be grateful any responses. Thanks

Rae Callander

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Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Max Moorcock


SCP Recruitment

Hi Rae,

We employee all of officers on a fixed 11 hr per week, term time only contract. This means all officers work an hour shift am and pm, 5 days a week and the additional hour goes towards manditory training sessions throughout the year. We also give them opotunities to pick up extra hours by helping with school engagement events. Even without any addtions, our officers take home a guarenteed salary each month.
The fixed hours do mean that every site is subject to a fixed one hour shift regardless of how busy it is which does result in some officers only crossing a few adults for part of their shifts while others are run off their feet but the knowledge of this does not cause any issues within the team.
I find that the 11 hour contract helps those who need to get up to the 16 hrs as many then pick up lunchtime duties at schools for tyhe additional 5 (although this seems to be more difficult with schools having to cut back).
Our officers range from late 20s to mid 60s in age and come to us with varrious reasons why the job suits them. We generally have a few vacancies in our team of 37 but get a decent (15-20) crop of applications each time we advertise.

Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Michelle Owen

T: 01942 489365

SCP Recruitment

Hi Rae,
Wigan Council successfully implemented a harmonisation of the School Crossing Patrol pay in July 2005.

We have 139 patrols paid an average 8.5 hours, and 9 patrols paid between 10 and 11 hours.

Patrols working less than 10 hours are paid 10 hours and patrols working 10 hours or more receive 12 hours pay.

Where a census is undertaken at the crossing point and the patrol is required to work less hours, they will continue to receive 10 hours pay.

If the census shows that they are required to work more minutes, they still receive 10 hours.

In cases where the hours worked exceeds 10 hours, the patrols pay will rise to 12 hours pay.

Where a patrol is operating at a point and paid 12 hours, if a census shows the crossing time is reduced to less than 10 hours the patrol will receive a letter explaining that their hours will be reduced to 10 hours, they will be given plenty of notice if this will happen.

Payment for controlling Hazard Warning Lights is included when grading the pay. For example;
• patrol works 45 minutes per session and receive 1 hour for the HWL.
= 45 minutes x 10 sessions per week = 7 hours 30 minutes + 1 hour HWL
= 8 hours 30 minutes.
Patrol would therefore receive 10 hours under the harmonisation of pay
• patrol works 60 minutes per session and also receive 1 hour HWL = 11 hours.
Patrol would therefore receive 12 hours under the harmonisation of pay.

Where patrols are asked to provide cover at another crossing point and work more hours than normal they will still receive the same pay.

Patrols may be asked to attend meetings or support the delivery of road safety lessons in school, for example 'People who help'. Patrols won’t receive any extra payments, unless it is calculated that they have worked more hours than they have been paid for.

Attending staff engagement and training meetings is mandatory and forms part of the contract of employment.

Our patrols receive an additional amount per year (paid monthly throughout the year) from September to August to attend training and engagement meetings. Currently this is 14 hours per year.

Our 10 and 12 hour contracts – allow for the awkward hours required to work and term time only.

Short hours – some patrols receive benefits and are only allowed to work a short number of hours.

Fits in with other jobs – some patrols have up to 4 jobs (Inc cleaning, school meals, evening work, delivery work.)

Set hours mean that patrols may not require re-assessment of the benefits they receive.

We created an easy to complete application form.
Designed our own banners to display near schools and crossing points to advertise the need for patrols in the area.

Display posters in council buildings, Doctors surgeries, schools, bingo halls etc

Regular updates to Heads of schools and local Councillors to inform them of current levels of recruitment – intended to encourage them to advertise in their newsletters for recruits.

As well as providing full training and uniform to every new recruit. We also offer additional training on related topics for personal development.

We also have a varied age range of our patrols as the hours/ service operation suits their individual commitments.

Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Andy Swallowe


SCP Recruitment

In Cambridgeshire we phased out the lunchtime provision of SCP's due to them failing to meet nationally agreed criteria.

Our SCP's are contracted to work between 7.5 and 10 hours per week depending on need. Built into this is a time allowance for checking signage condition and ensuring flashing warning lights are operational at sites that have them.

With regard to recruitment we distribute advertising fliers via the schools and engage with Councillors who often have contacts with local newspapers. They can also assist in taking fliers to local shops, community hubs etc.

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