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Help requested posted on 12th September 2019:

Full size road safety education scenarios

Other than fellow members of the Safety Centre Alliance ( does anyone know of any other full size road and street scenarios used for teaching road safety to children and other road user groups such as older people or young drivers? Thanks.

Rob Hattersley

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Response posted on 13th September 2019 by:
Gary Doggett

T: 00353860754695

Full size road safety education scenarios

Hi Rob, have you looked at RADAR in Belfast?

Response posted on 16th September 2019 by:
Kerry Burgoyne

T: 08450666699

Full size road safety education scenarios

We do offer the Street Feet Kit, which is a educational resource for teaching children in schools.

The Street Feet is designed to help children in key stage 1 (ages 3-7 years) practice crossing the road safely whilst being in a safe environment. Children can play the role of a different road user allowing them to become aware of road patterns and their responsibilities as a road user.

Response posted on 19th September 2019 by:
Rob Hattersley

T: 01202591330

Full size road safety education scenarios

Thanks for responses. RADAR NI is already part of the Safety Centre Alliance, but its 'street' is indoors, and I was wondering if there were any other outdoor road scenarios as we have at SafeWise Weymouth.

Response posted on 1st October 2019 by:
Paul Williamson

T: 07475552258

Full size road safety education scenarios

Hi the Roadsmart organisation to whom we are affiliated
offer free driving assessments and guidance and support for people to take their advanced driving or to even higher standards of driving.
We will also talk to various other organisations are are contributors at the regionally held Safer Drriving for Longer events

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