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Help requested posted on 30th August 2019:

Gateway signs for regional communities

Does anyone have any examples of creative, quirky localised gateway signs promoting the reduction of speed when entering a regional community, that they would be happy to share?

Interested in anything developed by community groups or government. I'd like to be able to show some examples to community based stakeholders.

Beck Mckinney

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Response posted on 1st September 2019 by:
Robert Swears


Gateway signs for regional communities

Hi Beck

Please get in touch with me via email ( I will send you some photos of speed limit gateways for rural communities along the shores of Lake Taupo in New Zealand. We used the logo of the District Council in conjunction with the gateway signs. The gateway idea was adopted around the District and provides a consistent theme for the speed limit gateways into the various communities.

Response posted on 2nd September 2019 by:
Phil Rennie


Gateway signs for regional communities

Dear Beck

I don't really have anything readily available in terms of community developed specifically I'm aware of, some examples on the links below may offer inspiration: (Government examples)

Remember these designs will be subject to copyright.

Hope it helps

Best wishes


Response posted on 6th September 2019 by:
Kelly Imberger


Gateway signs for regional communities

Hi Beck

Here's a new gateway sign being used in Victoria. Note that it is not a speed sign as classified by our road rules!

And a bit more info here:


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