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Help requested posted on 27th August 2019:

Road Infrastructure Risk Assessment

I am looking for assistance with a template for a risk assessment to review the risk of a road layout and infrastructure.

James Backshall

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Response posted on 28th August 2019 by:
Beck Mckinney

T: 0428542332

Road Infrastructure Risk Assessment


We’ve developed a digital risk rating tool here in Tasmania and have had a lot of interest and positive feedback about it.

If you’re interested I get get more info for you from my colleague?


Response posted on 30th August 2019 by:
JP Doherty

T: 01612453444

Road Infrastructure Risk Assessment

If you are looking to assess the acceptability of a layout and determine if changes (or control measures) are required then GG104 in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges provides a good framework for decision making.

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