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Help requested posted on 30th July 2019:

Road Safety Foundation Data Portal

I am looking at the data portal on the RSF web site, and in particular the two horseshoe displays for FSC Risk Rate and Density. Can anyone tell me the significance of the numbers 635 and 25 as being the maximum for each of these two charts, as I can not track this down.

Keith Sansom

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Response posted on 31st July 2019 by:
Richard Owen

T: 07977 122420

Road Safety Foundation Data Portal

The FSC risk rate is the number of police reported fatal and serious collisions per annum, expressed as a rate per billion vehicle kilometres travelled.

The FSC density are the same crashes, but expressed as a rate per kilometre of road (i.e. not taking traffic into account).

The values you see when you first land are those for whichever route happens to be selected.To select a route of your choice, click on it (a popup appears), then click the select button (the third of the three small icons at the bottom of the popup). The horseshoes will then change to display those metrics for the selected route.

The maximum values are the highest values seen anywhere in the dataset.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like a more detailed explanation.

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