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Help requested posted on 25th June 2019:

DFS700 / Speed Monitoring Equipment

I am wanting to know if any LA is using the DFS700 equipment to monitor speeds and are accessing the data.

The back up on these units is pretty minimal, I have managed to download via bluetooth the data and can look at the graph in the programme but cannot find a way to extract the data in a useful format.

A neighbouring LA is also using them but struggling here too as they are having to cut & paste data...there must be an easier way! Thanks

Allan Robins

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Response posted on 25th June 2019 by:
Roy Brocklebank


DFS700 / Speed Monitoring Equipment

Just want to check a bit more. You have obviously transferred the data via Bluetooth. Have you tried to manipulate the data using Section 8 of the manual?

Response posted on 25th June 2019 by:
Derek C Donald

T: 01463792154

DFS700 / Speed Monitoring Equipment

Have you been in contact with the suppliers of the equipment for their advice, as I would expect them to have a technician conversant with all the functions of the recorder and be prepared for that technician to visit your location to give a full demonstration and explanation of the various functions, as part of their supply agreement?

Response posted on 26th June 2019 by:
Steve Barber

T: 07583 624593

DFS700 / Speed Monitoring Equipment

Hi Allan,

I have been using the 700's for about 11 years, since 3M's had a traffic sign division. I have downloaded data from them some time ago when I first had them, but I also use separate monitors which give me more information, so I just used them for their SID purpose.
I believe Standard Signs still market them.
Funnily enough I am meeting up with one of my parish clerks to whom I sold one of these some years ago, to get training in downloading data again, as I have a couple of 700's out on loan, and those parish's want to download the data. Do you want me to update you?


Steve Barber

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