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Help requested posted on 13th June 2019:

Who is responsible for making an A road safe to cross

I am registered severely sight impaired (Blind) and use a long white cane.

I have to cross the A1068 at Lesbury in Northumberland every day. The speed limit is 30mph, but a very high percentage of vehicles travel between 40 and 60mph traveling south east towards the roundabout.

I have already tried Northumberland County Council and a councillor at Alnwick district council over the past 18 months but nothing has been done to make the road safe to cross.

Who is responsible for making the road safe to cross?

I am a retired State Registered Paramedic with 28 years experience and have seen what happens to pedestrians when hit by motor vehicles traveling at speeds between 10mph and 100mph.

Mr Les Miller

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Response posted on 19th June 2019 by:
Peter Horne


Who is responsible for making an A road safe to cross

If there is a speeding problem you should contact the Police, who are responsible for enforcing the traffic laws. You could also ask the County Council to carry out a pedestrian crossing assessment in accordance with Local Transport Note 1/95, to determine if a formal crossing facility is needed.

Response posted on 4th July 2019 by:
Kate Carpenter


Who is responsible for making an A road safe to cross

I sympathise with what is clearly a challenging crossing point for any pedestrian, visual impairment adding greatly to the difficulty. I also understand the challenges for the authority who may have tens of thousands of places across their rural and urban network where pedestrians wish to cross, and where speeds are not considered safe and where crossings are desired. these places need to be priortised by the number of people affected, alternative routes, the speeds and volumes of traffic, the level of difficulty and so on. the assessments are complex and time consuming and resources to assess are very limited. sadly most authorities are cash strapped and staff numbers are short. This means that while is the Highway Authority's duty to take steps to improve road safety, their ability to do so (at every possible worthy place on their network) is extremely constrained.

Response posted on 25th July 2019 by:
Dave Rushton


Who is responsible for making an A road safe to cross

Whilst agreeing totally with the posts above, my experience has been that much can be done locally to help the LA.
1. Our local Parish Council have funded approved 24H speed checks to establish the actual data on speeding - as opposed to the perceived problem.

2. The Parish organised a pedestrian survey to establish the need for a new crossing. If done to their satisfaction, this saves the County Council resource & time.

3. We are now planning on using CIL money (Community Levy) from new development to fund a crossing.

The County remain the final decision makers of course, but there is a lot that can be done locally to support them and to make vital resources go further.

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