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Help requested posted on 14th May 2019:

Road safety road markings in playgrounds

Hello fellow road safety professionals, has anyone ever worked with the playgrounds and parks section of their local authorities to install road safety markings on playgrounds and at parks? And if so what sort of feedback have you got?

Noel Gibbons

Noel Gibbons

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Response posted on 15th May 2019 by:
Keith Morgan

T: 0115 8763942

Road safety road markings in playgrounds

Hi Noel,

I am not sure if this is quite what you are after. But we worked with Parks to build a mini bike track to look like a road track with roundabouts and traffic lights. A link to a news article below. Happy to provide further information if you are interested?



Response posted on 15th May 2019 by:
Julie Jones


Road safety road markings in playgrounds

Dear Noel,

You might find it helpful to think about what you hope to gain from this.

I'd be concerned about the message that parents might take from their children using a 'pretend' traffic environment.

After children have crossed a non trafficked road, would parents imagine child could deal with real traffic? After stopping at pretend road gway, would parents believe their child could make decisions when facing traffic for real?

We wouldn't teach a child to swim in a fake environment, would we?

First starting point should be, "do no harm".


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